By Jeris Hamm

I fly
Roller coaster euphoria
Blue lakes winking beyond undulating hills
Snowy peaks piercing the sky, pricking my heart

I drive
Cowboys guzzling ten gallons
Hikers trekking, heavy-soled solace
Hills bursting blooms, elk shedding sharp bone

I cross
Snake River gushing
Teton Pass cracking open
Shy daisies nuzzling granite

I risk
Glancing sideways
Dangerous, distracting beauty
Soaring mountains siphoning my breath

I dream
Triune peaks beckoning
River flowing, alfalfa bending
A thousand acres surrounding a solitary home

I ask
“Does anyone ever cry?”
Precious water sprinkling the earth
My companion guide smiles, nodding

I worship
Manifest love
Thanking the Eternal
With Whom I am breaking bread

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