Kim Strellis–Standing in the Creek

Kim Strellis–Standing in the Creek


A realm of certainty survives the cries of

what’s leftover from lightening’s rage as she watches

the storm pass

Indian Paintbrush blooms, calm ease and confidence

floating along, free to skip a rock, energized

across the water, snowy crystal glints herald signs of melt

streaming past lupine’s wisps and pine

life light colors lead the way

silently, fearlessly, conspicuously hidden, standing firm

against dead wood, dry flames, disagreeable intrusion

yet sway giving room to refusal and just not ready

while she remains secure, stable

standing in the creek of silvery lupine, agate, jasper and heliodor

professing her quiet declaration, I will not be constrained


2 thoughts on “Kim Strellis–Standing in the Creek

  1. to Kim Strellis: It is nice to be able to be calm and observe life raging all about you. Kim, you are like the life giving waters to all that you meet. An inspiration. from Judy Vogt


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