Homestead #15


They took her –
Sorry sonsabitches pried d’winda up,
smashed the glass and took her.

Been wit me since she’s a pup.
I found her in d’ditch down by the mailbox
Where some other sorry sonsabitches done left her.

Was so small, she fit right in my hand.
Once I cleaned her up and give’r some food
She took to me, follerin me all over the place.

Her lil’ teeth, they’s sharp as needles.
Chewed right through my glove, wit’ me in it!
That first month she fit in my coat pocket and once her legs grew
She’d always beat me to the truck.

And Smart, I’m tellin you.
She had a keen sense.

Kinda queer to think she knew when I’s in trouble.
Like the time I gotta snakebite and couldn’t walk,
she dragged that old locust post over so I could use it like a crutch.
She figured out how to unlatch the door to let her self out
Even caught her hiding her bowl when she wanted my food.
She was particular fond of sharin my potpie.

Never knew how gooda company a dog could be.

We spent a lotta years together
travelin around the countryside
she done grew old before me.

Today I went to town by myself, first time in 17 years
I needed some plywood to repair her doghouse
Readyin it for winter.
Bein her hearin was gone, she laid sleepin
on floor. I left her to sleep while I picked up supplies.

Half expectin her to be waitin for me at the end of the lane when I got back.
I turned down the road to see d’door shut tight
and got an awful feelin in my gut.

Pulled up to d’house, busted glass everywhere
and my Sissy gone.

When they’s took her they stole a’ part of me.
No point stayin
I boarded up d’place
No point stayin…bein reminded.

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